Mountain Lion

Upgrading Lion to Mountain Lion on iMac. PHP, Apache, and PostgreSQL need to be dealt with.

DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH may not be set from within .bashrc. I think it has to be part of the command lines that need it.

PHP: Change /etc/php.ini to include old include_path

Apache: Load the php module; AddHandler for php and xhtml file extensions; add index.xhtml and index.php to DirectoryIndex

Postgres: A work in progress. link /usr/bin/postgres_real to /usr/bin/postgres. Tried editing /System/Library/LaunchDaemon/org.postgresql.postgresql-alt to set the Disabled key to false and the OnDemand key to true. Unable to load the plist using launchctl ...
Not sure how to use Apple’s postgres server on non-server Mountain Lion. Restored /System/Library/LaunchDaemon/org.postgres.PostgreSQL.plist from Time Machine, which launches version 9.0.4, which I had previously installed manually, instead of using the version Apple supplies (9.1.4). Sigh.