Not From The Front Room

Much has changed since I last updated this blog. My friend babbage is now a Mac Mini, and I use the stock Apple web servers for and The big change is that I install everything except Apache using homebrew. All those notes to myself are pretty much irrelevant now. I do still have to tweak the Apache config file when Apple updates OS X-soon-to-be-MacOS. But it's not enough tweaking to warrant a blog post.

Problem is that I got tired of updating Drupal manually all the time. So I'm thinking of rejuvenating the blog on WordPress, which DreamHost should keep up to date for me—mostly.

And my "home office" tends not to be the front room anymore. It's more likely to be the kitchen counter or the couch. So I'll leave NFTFR dormant, and use a new name for the blog that doesn’t conflict with NFTFR. How about “Notes”?