“To record for posterity, those things I once knew, but might otherwise forget.”

Setting up Drupal and PHP on Dreamhost

I have been using Drupal for the first version of this blog on my own computer, so I was pleased to see that the hosting company for ChristopherVickery.com (Dreamhost) was offering a one-click install of it for sites that they host. I like Drupal because it is FOSS, and especially because the default theme passes both XHTML and CSS validation. But the one-click installer didn’t let me customize Drupal as much as I would like, so I decided to download and install the package myself.

First Post

I forget things that sometimes take me quite a bit of effort to figure out. I use this site to serve as a notebook for wheels I don’t want to reinvent. I’m making it public on the chance that some of the information will be useful to others. But it’s a blog, so rants are fair game too.

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