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git saga

It seemed like a simple thing to do: install git on OS X.

The issue, of course, is ONL (OS X is not Linux), and git is a Linux application for version control. (The immediate motivation for getting git was that I should put my website under version control so I can have a history of changes,and I wanted to compare git to subversion/cvs/rcs.)

Getting the source code for git is straightforward, and I downloaded git-1.6.1.tar.gz, unzipped it, ran configure, built it, and ran "make test." Some of the tests failed (some seemed to be known errors, but it stopped when 3/5 errors in the 2300 series failed; they had to do with cd operations of some sort). Undaunted, I did a sudo make install and was able to run the git exectutable. But I needed the documentation (just a man page would be nice), and that's where it all got messy.

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