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Mountain Lion

Upgrading Lion to Mountain Lion on iMac. PHP, Apache, and PostgreSQL need to be dealt with.

Lion Web Server

I spent a lot of time getting OS X Lion Server to work with my web sites last summer. Most of the problems had to do with security certificates for one of the sites, but I also had to figure out how to get Server.app to stop overwriting my configuration files each time I restarted Apache.

What follows are the notes I made towards the end of the process.

The Cutover

Babbage.cs.qc.cuny.edu has been running on Sparc/Solaris machines since about 1990. (It’s been a web server since 1997.) In February 2008, I installed a MacPro/Leopard server in my office to replace the current Sparc/Solaris machine. It's taken only a year for me to become comfortable enough with the new machine to actually do the cutover: as of now babbage runs on the MacPro. Many of the posts here so far had to do with getting ready for the change. Herewith some more details/reminders.

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