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Email verification: Using Sieve

I’d like to be able to have visitors fill in a form that includes their email address, send a message to that address, and have a program process the email. Standard user verification stuff. On Solaris or Linux, I know how to do it: use procmail to recognize the messages to be handled, and pipe the message to a processing script. The only thing is, I want to do this on my OS X server, and as usual, I want to keep the Apple software (for email in this case) intact. So I need to learn the “Apple Way” of doing things. As of this writing, I still don’t have it working, but here is what I have learned about using Sieve to filter my email.

PHP on Leopard Redux

In Installing PostgreSQL on Leopard I talked about building a 64-bit version of PostgreSQL on Leopard. On or about September 12, 2009 Apple released a “security update” that required a re-boot. Routine stuff. Could have been a new version of iTunes for all I knew. (Maybe it was, doesn’t matter.) All I know is that I got email from a student saying my course schedule page was coming up mostly blank.

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