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OS X Lion Server: readline and rlwrap

Well, it's time to make some notes to myself again.

There are many wonderful tales to tell about upgrading babbage from Leopard server to Lion server this summer, but today's topic is just about getting sqlplus working. The sqlplus command works best, as does psql, php, and others, when run under rlwrap. It turned out that getting rlwrap to build under Lion was problematic enough to warrant a reminder here.

PHP on Leopard Redux

In Installing PostgreSQL on Leopard I talked about building a 64-bit version of PostgreSQL on Leopard. On or about September 12, 2009 Apple released a “security update” that required a re-boot. Routine stuff. Could have been a new version of iTunes for all I knew. (Maybe it was, doesn’t matter.) All I know is that I got email from a student saying my course schedule page was coming up mostly blank.

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