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Sending email from PHP scripts

The PHP builtin function, mail() can be used to send email using either SMPT or using the operating system’s sendmail program. These features can be configured in the php.ini file, but I found I was having problems authenticating to my smtp relay server, and I wanted to minimize the number of SpamAssassin test failures so my messages would go to the recipients’ inboxes instead of their spam folders.

This post is about the gotchas I dealt with, not a tutorial on sending email in general.

Email verification: Using Sieve

I’d like to be able to have visitors fill in a form that includes their email address, send a message to that address, and have a program process the email. Standard user verification stuff. On Solaris or Linux, I know how to do it: use procmail to recognize the messages to be handled, and pipe the message to a processing script. The only thing is, I want to do this on my OS X server, and as usual, I want to keep the Apple software (for email in this case) intact. So I need to learn the “Apple Way” of doing things. As of this writing, I still don’t have it working, but here is what I have learned about using Sieve to filter my email.

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