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SizeUp requires X11, which is not included in Mountain Lion by default, but can be installed.

Mountain Lion

Upgrading Lion to Mountain Lion on iMac. PHP, Apache, and PostgreSQL need to be dealt with.

Lion Web Server

I spent a lot of time getting OS X Lion Server to work with my web sites last summer. Most of the problems had to do with security certificates for one of the sites, but I also had to figure out how to get Server.app to stop overwriting my configuration files each time I restarted Apache.

What follows are the notes I made towards the end of the process.

OS X Lion Server: readline and rlwrap

Well, it's time to make some notes to myself again.

There are many wonderful tales to tell about upgrading babbage from Leopard server to Lion server this summer, but today's topic is just about getting sqlplus working. The sqlplus command works best, as does psql, php, and others, when run under rlwrap. It turned out that getting rlwrap to build under Lion was problematic enough to warrant a reminder here.

The Cutover

Babbage.cs.qc.cuny.edu has been running on Sparc/Solaris machines since about 1990. (It’s been a web server since 1997.) In February 2008, I installed a MacPro/Leopard server in my office to replace the current Sparc/Solaris machine. It's taken only a year for me to become comfortable enough with the new machine to actually do the cutover: as of now babbage runs on the MacPro. Many of the posts here so far had to do with getting ready for the change. Herewith some more details/reminders.

git saga

It seemed like a simple thing to do: install git on OS X.

The issue, of course, is ONL (OS X is not Linux), and git is a Linux application for version control. (The immediate motivation for getting git was that I should put my website under version control so I can have a history of changes,and I wanted to compare git to subversion/cvs/rcs.)

Getting the source code for git is straightforward, and I downloaded git-1.6.1.tar.gz, unzipped it, ran configure, built it, and ran "make test." Some of the tests failed (some seemed to be known errors, but it stopped when 3/5 errors in the 2300 series failed; they had to do with cd operations of some sort). Undaunted, I did a sudo make install and was able to run the git exectutable. But I needed the documentation (just a man page would be nice), and that's where it all got messy.

Installing PHP support for PostgreSQL on an OS X Leopard Server

OS X Leopard Server runs apache2 as a 64-bit application, which means that if you want to be able to run a PostgreSQL server that you can access from PHP web pages, PostgreSQL has to be built as a 64-bit binary, and PHP has to be re-built (with PostgreSQL) as a 64-bit binary as well. After some googling around, I started by using a script by Marc Liyanage for building a universal binary PostgreSQL. That was a good start, but didn't work on my Leopard server. What follows is a description of how I finally got it all to work.

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