CS-101 at Queens College
Evening Sections

Syllabus ]

Follow this link to get to the course description, book list, and a list of the topics covered in the course.

This Semester's Course Material ]

Follow this link to get to the class schedule, which shows assignments, exam dates and project due dates. This page is updated regularly throughout the semester, so you need to check back to it at least once a week. You will also find links to supplementary material for the course there.

Previous terms' material is still available:

Email Archive ]

Whenever I send email to everyone in the course, I add a copy of the message to the email archive that you can access using the above link.

Development Tools ]

If you want to work on your projects off campus, you will need to have a set of development tools on your computer. Follow this link to go to a page that will help you get and set up the tools you will need.

Reference Material

These pages summarize certain features of Java programming.

Previous Exams ]

Click on the link above for some exams from previous semesters. There is no promise that your exams will be like these, but they can give you some idea of what to expect.
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